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We are here to explain to you everything there is to know about cerebral palsy, from the different types and diagnosis, to support options and available resources.

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What We Provide

The purpose of Cerebral Palsy Group is to assist families and those affected by this disorder, so that they may lead happy and healthy lives. We provide easy-to-use information that can both educate individuals while also providing support options for CP.

Essential Information About Cerebral Palsy

The first step you can take when you receive a cerebral palsy diagnosis or you’re interested in learning the symptoms or signs, is to first understand what cerebral palsy actually is. We provide extensive information that can help you better understand a specific diagnosis, the different types of CP, as well as what options are available.

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Treatment and Therapy Options

There are many options for treating different types of cerebral palsy. Learning the differences and benefits of treatments and therapies is crucial to helping your child. Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy are just some of the available therapies can help.

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Support Options and Support Groups

Joining a support group can help you to connect with other families and individuals who are living with cerebral palsy. Sharing your fears and triumphs despite this disorder with others can be very helpful. We explain the types of support that is available and break down the benefits of support groups. Resources for parents and caregivers is necessary as it provides assistance to families.

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Financial Help in Detail

Whether you are seeking help for medical costs and treatments, or you’re interested in legal help, we provide you with the knowledge needed to gain the compensation you deserve. We provide insights into the process, so that we may help you understand the facts about compensation or what types of organizations that exist who can help ease the financial burden of a CP diagnosis.

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The True Purpose Behind Cerebral Palsy Group

We are here to listen. We are here to comfort. We are here to support.

Our true purpose to help guide you through what might be one of the toughest moments in you and your child’s life. Every diagnosis is going to revolve around different circumstances, and we are well aware of that. There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to treatment or therapy options.

Learn About Cerebral Palsy Group

Although a diagnosis is much more complex, the foundation in which we are built upon is not. We are here for you and your family when you need it most. We will always be honest and frank with you when it comes to what we can do for you, as well as what options are available to your family moving forward.

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