Schooling for Children with Cerebral Palsy


When your child is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a lot of questions will come up. One big one has to do with schooling that matches their needs. Schooling is critical to any child, and schooling for children with CP shouldn’t be excluded from it. There are many options to consider. It is important to understand every aspect of each one, and decide which option will be the best fit!

Public Schooling

This option is most common amongst the majority of people. This is a great option as it exposes your child to everything mainstream regarding teaching, learning and socialization. Exposing your child to this can be very beneficial later in life. The problem that can occur is that he or she may only receive limited individual learning attention. If your child is in need of a lot of individualized learning, then public schooling may not be the best option.

Dedicated Special Education Programs

This option can be a good choice especially for children that need special assistance with either mental or physical disabilities. These programs are well equipped to deal with special aliments that your child may have to deal with. They also detail a more individualized learning experience.

Home-Bound Education

This is not to be confused with Home Schooling, Home-Bound schooling is a short-term solution where
either instructors or specialists come to your home. This is a great option if your child suffers from
any physical impairments where they are not able to attend school. It also gives your child the opportunity to interact with someone outside your family.

Private School

This is a great option if you are opposed to the conventions of the general public schooling system. For someone who needs or would like more specialized attention and/or one on one learning, this is a great option. Although this way not be the cheapest option, it can give your child exactly what they need on a daily basis.


If you have the time and flexibility to do so, then this could be a great option. This could alienate them, because they won’t be socialized with people outside of the home unless a special effort is made. In addition, it has many benefits. If specialized learning is what they need then this is one of the best options.

Private Tutoring

This option is almost identical to home-schooling except you are paying a licensed individual to the teaching. But, if the needs of your child require more one on one, this is a great option.

There are many options when it comes to schooling for your son or daughter, and original challenges that present themselves with cerebral palsy make it an even more difficult decision. Ensuring you have researched all the benefits that best match the needs of your child makes the process much more smooth and effective.