Preventing Cerebral Palsy at Birth


Receiving a diagnosis for your child can be a scary time. In most cases when Cerebral Palsy has an early detection  and is not severe a child can live a fairly normal life. While you do have to keep in mind that every case of Cerebral Palsy will be different and have a unique group of risk factors associated with each diagnosis, there are a few risks that you need to be aware of right before or shortly after having a baby to ensure they are as healthy as they can possibly be! Learn the health risks to possibly prevent cerebral palsy!

Of course, the best course of action would be to completely avoid the diagnosis and have a healthy baby!

Here are some of the risks that associate with birth that may lead to a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis that you need to be aware of.

Severe Jaundice 

Jaundice is a medical condition that results in a yellowish tint to a newborn’s skin. This is because the bilirubin will break down in the child’s body. (Bilirubin is a brown substance made when the older red blood cells break down. Since babies produce more red blood cells than grown adults, the rate of jaundice is higher.) When this gets into the blood stream it can affect parts of the brain (especially in the development stage). This is what leads to Cerebral Palsy. This is something that doctors should be monitoring closely to make sure it doesn’t get into the state of extreme severity.


Infections are something that doctors and other medical staffers should look at carefully. When a newborn child is exposed to an infection, it puts the childs body into a very vulnerable place. Being newborn, their immune system is little to nothing. Be sure to talk to your doctors about what to do to prevent any infections being exposed to them.

Lack of oxygen

When a baby has a lack of oxygen or experiences some sort of asphyxiation, some problems can arise with development in various parts of the brain. This is something medical professionals should realize is happening, whether it be via x-rays and other methods. As scary as this can be, especially at such a fragile time, medical professionals are on hand and monitoring your baby. Don’t worry too much as these are professionals, just be sure you are vigilant and aware.

Head trauma

Head trauma is a direct way to damage and effect brain development. This is something that isn’t too common because it is almost completely preventable. Being incredibly aware, attentive and ensuring that your baby is receiving proper care and treatment are the best ways to avoid head trauma.

There are many risks directly after birth that could cause Cerebral Palsy. By taking the proper precautions, as well as following an instructions given by your doctor or specialist. Make sure you properly educate yourself on the risks, you can greatly reduce your child’s risk of Cerebral Palsy.

Being well informed could be the difference between you and a diagnosis.