Adaptations and Tools to Assist with Cerebral Palsy


Living life with Cerebral Palsy can be a unique challenge. Navigating these issues can be tricky and overwhelming, but having the right tools in place can be very helpful. Many of these adaptations and tools are available at local stores, but some of them may only be available in a specialty store. Also keep in mind that we live in the world of technology. So you will be able to find most of these on sites like Amazon or even Ebay. If you’re okay with buying some less personal things used you could even try Facebook Marketplace! It’s a great way to save some money!


If your case leaves you with advanced symptoms of immobility, then this will be a necessary buy. The only thing that will differ with these other than pricing will be the decision to get a motorized wheelchair or not. It will be largely dependent on the severity of immobility.

With that being said, your abilities may change throughout time, so some people may upgrade to a more advanced wheelchair than they need at the moment so that if their abilities become limited it will be less of a hassle and investment.

Commode or Bath Seats

If standing in place for an extended period of time is a more difficult task then this will be a very useful tool. It is important that everyday tasks are done with ease, especially when using physical exertion for long periods of time. It also helps you to bathe independently or with less help than previously required.

Adaptive Vehicles 

While this is one of the more pricey options available, it’s incredibly helpful for someone with exceptionally limited mobility. Brands such as Chrysler, Toyota, and Chevy can become adaptive. Unfortunately, this can cost upwards of $50,000. There are organizations and grants that you can qualify for that offer assistance. They provide you with some of the funds to go towards your adaptive car.

Stair Lifts 

This is very important for those that are not able to get up and down stairs. Especially when your daily activities include upper and lower floors. Getting one of these can also help with those with limited mobility to some things independently. This is especially important for the growth and self-esteem of children who face the challenges of Cerebral Palsy.

There are many innovative tools available to assist in everyday life and more difficult tasks, but finding the ones to best suit your needs and lifestyle can not only help with independence but also assist in making everyday life more normal.